'We are global villagers'

Weer een gesprek met mijn verre en onbekende vriend op facebook:
wish you peace wherever you live.
I wish you peace also. I live in andalucia this moment. And you?
I am in Bangladesh.
That is very far from here! Is it a nice place to live?
No. My country is Muslim majority. Politicians and bureaucracy from office peon to officers are corrupt. Bribery is no more a crime. There are 250,399 mosques in the whole country, but corruption at all level. Always political and economic turmoil. Prices of everyday things are rising and government has no control.
That sounds very bad. It seems that everywhere people who are rich becoming more and more rich, wile the poor and sick becoming always more miserable.
brandstichting in een volle bus. 4 burnt as buses torched in Dhaka
The file photo shows a bus has been torched on Rokeya Sarani at Sheorapara in Dhaka on Saturday, January 10, 2015
Ofcourse in poor countries these differences are more heavy felt.
9 passagiers verbrand
9 bus passengers burnt in blockade violence in Dhaka
Nine people, including two children, have suffered burn injuries when miscreants set fire to a bus at Mohammadpur in Dhaka amid the ongoing the BNP-led blockade.
What a cruel thing to do.
Rich people are giving huge donations to construct luxurious mosques in the city, but needy and poor people are deprived of their due share of sadaqah (charity).
Because the mullahs are saying that you get many blessings building a mosque
Yes…. Mullah propaganda.
Averiosity material and immaterial. The world is on fire. How is your situation?
No good.
Today Muslims are guided by the Mullah/Ulama and they seek easy salvation through rituals like prayer, fasting, hajj, milad etc, and don’t care about moral goodness, beneficence, compassion, human rights etc. On Friday sermon or otherwise they don’t speak against social injustice or corruption.
You have sufficiënt food and housing?
Yes… Alhamdulillah. Unfortunately we are sick.
You have a family?
We are sick. My wife diabetes and blood pressure. She undergo regular routine checking and pathological test and doctors fee are expensive. My two daughters are sick with various complications. They are under treatment. I have panic and sleep disorder.
Last week my wife’s creatinine was 1.28 this is why she had to make usg, some blood test and urine test, for which I had to spend equivalent USD100/-
What a sad situation. Is there no insurance for health in your country?
Do you have work?
No insurance. Govt hospitals condition are bad due to corruption.
I work in a small firm with low income.
You do what you can do. I Will pray for the health of your family.
I am not rich to support you in material sense
Thank you, sister Shabnam.
It is not much, but it is good to talk from heart to heart from such distance. The miracle of internet.
By the blessing of fb, we live in a global village. You are my neighbour.
Wish you and your family the best. May Allah bless you all
Same to you. ameen
Patience and continue your struggle
The Quran is a guide to good living (Q:2:185). The Quran teaches right belief and right conduct – to serve His cause (Q51:56) by doing right and shunning evil – so that justice and peace prevail in a society.
This is why we should live up to moral goodness of the Quran so that people may see the light of the Quran is shining through us in a positive way.
Amin ????
“To see a world in a grain of sand
and heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
and eternity in an hour.”
— William Blake
Beautiful ????

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