Soefi citaten

Een zuster in het geloof stuurde me een boekje met soefi citaten, dat ik met de lezer wil delen.

De motivatie van deze Nederlandse moslima om deze citaten te delen omschrijft zij als volgt:

Salaam aleikum sisters and brothers..we are living such intense times..we muslims love our Prophet we love him so💚..we may feel we want to defend his honour..I pray that we may do so in peaceful ways..I made this compilation of Sufi quotes a few years ago as an answer to the question why i converted to Islam despite peoples negative opinion..the answer is because of the gentleness of Prophet Mohammed; his love and care and calmness and so on..the quotes show the beauty of Islam..i share this free PDF therefor case the quotes may show why muslims love their religion and Prophet case the quotes may touch and soften, feel free to share..💚may Love unite all people of good will and may Peace prevail on earth..Salaams, Aisha 💚🤲🏻🌍🌹