Sheikhs Nazim spreekt Arabieren toe 11-9-2012

Be Straight!

Shaykh Mohammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi sohbat of the 11h of September, 2012..

Dastur Ya Rijal Allah support us with your madad O As’habu Al Nawba, keep your eyes over us. We ask our Lord & His Prophet (saws) to forgive us & intercede for us. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar La Ilaha illa Allah, wa Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa Lillahi Al Hamd. Alf Salat wa alf salam ‘ala Sayyidi Al Awwalin wa Al Akhirin, Sayyidina Muhammadin wa ‘ala alihi wa Sah’bihi Aj’main.

Welcome to the believers, to the Muslims, to the faithful. Our Lord (jwa) sent Prophets (as) to give advice. He first of all advised Sayyidina Adam (as). Allah (jwa) gave advice to Sayyidina Adam (as). “but come not near this tree or you both will be of the wrong-doers” (2:35) This is the first advice Allah (awj) gave to Adam (as) and the children of Adam (as). “I have given you honourable stations, as long as you listen to My words and My advice and you keep My advice.

You are dear to us. We love you & grant you, and your stations rise so you may be among the honoured ones. There is a group of angels, the ones who have nearness, the ones who never disobey Allah (swt) and do what they are ordered to do. This is a reason for the servant to want to obey his Lord (jwa) to listen. Listen & obey! To be listening and obeying. This is it. Rabbu Al ‘Izza.

The Prophet (saws) said, “Religion is advice.” The first advice from Allah (swt) to Adam & Hawa (as): “Listen & obey Me, you will be honoured ones. Otherwise your place will be far from the furthest, furthest, furthest…”

Poor servant, I am poor servant.. I do not claim anything, or know or.. I do not claim to know everything and so I advise the servants of The Lord, hasha! I am a weak servant. We are non-Arabs, and the Holy Quran descended in an eloquent Arabic language that is not possible to reproduce or for any human being to make like it.

Subhana Allah! And therefore… no matter how much my heart longs to obey my Lord I also like for the children of Adam (as) to obey their Lord, be faithful to Him (swt) and His Beloved… following him (saws).

Masha’Allah Ya Sayyidi. How many days I’ve been wanting to speak, make a meeting, sohbah, the meeting of advice. And meeting of advice, teaching manners. Advising for what? Allahu Akbar! Advice to teach manners with The Lord Jalla Jalalu, Subhansin Ya Rabb! Sultansin Ya Rabb Subhansin! You have honoured us, You created us & honoured us.

As our Lord (jwa) says “Wa Laqad Karramna Bani Adama”(17:70) -Indeed We honoured the children of Adam This honour has not been given to anyone else and it means “O children of Adam, keep your honour.” “Keep Me, We keep you.” Subhana Allah! And therefore “Religion is advice” said the Prophet (saws). O people, Allah (swt) honoured you, what else do you want? And He (swt) promised you “Inna Al-Ladhina Amanu Wa Amilu As-Salihati Kanat Lahum Jannatu Al-Firdawsi Nuzulan” (18:107) “Khalidina Fiha L Yabghuna Anha Hiwalan” (18:108)

What do you want more O people!

And the addressing is specially for the Arab people because He (jwa) honoured them with an Arab Prophet (saws). I am weak O my Lord, O Rasulallah… Ummat a weak nation, my Arabic is also weak O Rasulallah! The Prophet (saws) laughs when I say my Arabic is weak. and he (saws)bvsaying “we know, we know!” The Sultan of all Prophets (as) “but for you, but for you Ma Khalaqt Al Aflaq” (I would not have created the universes) All the angels in Laylatul Mi’raj in all the skies & Heavens & Angels they were standing glorifying & honouring the Prophet of the end of times who has been ordered to step on the Throne. Allah (jwa) said to Sayyidina Moses “Fakhla` Na`layka” (20:12) He (swt) said to His Beloved “Step! Step on My Throne, it will be honoured.”

O you Arabs, where are you? Where are you? Where is your education? Where are your manners with the him (saws) who brought the absolute message? The Beloved of Allah (swt)! The one with the absolute intercession Karim Allah! Allah Allah! We are now in a time, a time where we are not listening to the words of Al Haqq. The advice of the Prophet (saws) “Listen & take wisdom. If you do you will take benefit. Let go of your egoistic desires. Follow my way.” Then Al Haqq says to Sayyidina Moses, and his brother Sayyidina Harun (as) “Fastaqima!” (10:89) (Be straight) Now who has straightness? Straightness.. the best of honours is granted by being straight.

And the Prophet (saws) of the end of times said: “Surat Hud turned me gray, since in it there was a verse addressed to me.” “Fastaqim Kama Umirta” (11:112) (Be straight as you are commanded.) Aman Ya Rabbi. Surat Hud turned me gray…

Where are the Arabs? Where are the Arabs? Where are the Arabs? It does not suit you this fighting, this arguing, dishonoured behaviour and fighting one another. And none of you is taking any steps to prevent one another from these killings that Allah (awj) forbade. Where are you Arabs? Where are the Egyptian people, the Moroccan people? The people of Hijaz, where are you? “Wa La Tuqtulu Anfusukum.”(4:29) (Don’t kill each other) Aman Ya Rabbi, religion is advice. I am ashamed from my Sayyidi & Mawlay (my master) Rasulullah. I am ashamed to address his (saws) nation in the presence of the great scholars from East to West of the Arab world. I am ashamed, ashamed.. I am a weak servant. I am crying for my sins. Mawlay and Master of the worlds, The Master of the honourable messengers. He (saws) said to me speak & don’t feel ashamed.

O Muslims! Specially Arabs, make peace & do not be divided, “do not be divided” (3:103) “Wa A`tasimu Bihabli Allahi Jami`an Wa La Tafarraqu” (3:103) Is this Arabic or not? O Arab Muslims, “Wa La Taqtulu Anfusakum” (4:29) To kill one another is forbidden. Haram/Forbidden. And the worst punishment will be on the head of those who do not listen to the Orders of Allah (swt) and kill the servants of Allah (swt) unjustly. Whether you are young or old are you not afraid O men leading nations, Arab presidents? Don’t you have any fear? One day you are here & the next you you will be in your graves, and how will your situation be then?

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar! La Ilaha illa Allah Wa Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa Lillahi Al Hamd. “‘Inna Batsha Rabbika Lashadidun”(85:12) Addressing the Prophet (saws) “Verily, the Wrath of your Lord is severe”(85:12) Let them become straight, otherwise “the wrath of your Lord is severe” (85:12) He Will take revenge. He will take revenge, Al Muntaqim (jj). Tawba Ya Rabbi, O people repent to Allah (swt). Say “we repent & turn to You.” Let go of the weapons. Let go of the fighting otherwise He Who Orders from Heavens will not leave even an ant size of you. He does not fear from chemical weapons or this weapons or that weapons, or chemical. You are proud of your chemical weapons over the servants of the Lord, and you use them with the worst possible actions. Fear Allah (swt) servants of Allah. Otherwise the month of Dhul Qa’da is coming, then Dhul Hijja then Muharram Al Haram is your limit. Then the 10th of Muharram, the order to someone will come from Heavens and he will clean the earth.

Suhbahanahu wa Ta’ala, Suhbahanahu wa Ta’ala, O people! Take your precautions, take your precautions. Leave injustice & listen to the words of the Lord. This is the advice and Allah (jwa) may send you armies from Heavens to kill the armies of the devil. Listen and take wisdom. If you do so you will benefit.

Tawba Ya Rabbi. Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Sayyidi Ya Rasulallah, do not leave us to our egos not for a blink of an eye, or less than that. Do not let us be from those whose characters are like Qarun running after the treasures of the world. He collected all the treasures of the world then he and his treasures sank into the earth. We ask protection, we ask protection… Spend for the sake of Allah Almighty. You are our Sultan, “Appoint for us a King so we may fight in Allah’s way” (2:246) So we may fight the devils & their armies. And Allah (swt) is the Victorious One and no other than Him.

Say, O servants of the Lord, do not go in the streets & protest, but say “Ya Ghaliban Ghaira Maghlub” “O Victorious One that can never be defeated”. This is enough for you. “Ya Ghaliban Ghaira Maghlub, “Ya Ghaliban Ghaira Maghlub” “‘Ati`u Allaha Wa Ati`u Ar-Rasula Wa Uli Al-‘Amri Minkum” (4:59) Wa Al Hamdulillah I have declared what was sent to my heart.

Tawba Ya Rabb Tawba Ya Rabb. My addressing is like the addressing of an ant, “Qalat Namlatun Ya Ayyuha An-Namlu Adkhulu Masakinakum La Yahtimannakum Sulaymanu Wa Junuduhu” (27:18) Enter your homes, that is the order. If there is corruption, do not go out in the streets. Safety is in your homes. Stay in your homes, close your doors with Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim & do not fear from anything coming from above or from outside. Nothing will come on you. The angels will protect you, Subhana Allah, Subhana Allah!

O believers, believe in Allah (swt) and His Prophet (saws). Allah! tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi! Tawba Ya Rabbi, We ask our Lord that the 10th of Muharram may be the end of the armies of the devil, defeated by the armies of The Lord. And from East to West raise the banner of the Prophet (saws), the banner of Mahdi (as) the banner of the Sultan of Sham, may Allah (swt) support him. Allah! Gather us together with Sahib Al Zaman. Gather us together with Sayyidina Isa (as). Gather us in the days when the people of Islam will be from East to West over all the false religions. Islam is the highest. Hold to it and you will be saved in this world and in the Hereafter.

Wa min Allah Al Tawfiq. Tawba Ya Rabbi, Fatiha.

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